“The word of GOD inspires me’’

“The word of GOD inspires me’’ picture

Boikokobetso Thubisi

3 March 2020

Thoriso Thupaemang is a born again Christian, a pastor who graduated from Full Gospel Church and an artisan by profession. He is also an author of a book called Supposed He Comes Tonight, which he released by end of 2016. This young man is a leader by nature, a couch who once had a soccer team. He is more focused on people, impacting lives, making them better and taking everyone up the ladder of success. His inspiration is the word of God “The word of God inspires me, the word of God is everywhere and it doesn’t change ,no one will deceive me about who God is” Said Thoriso.

It was his calling to become a pastor and given the challenges he has faced in his journey of becoming a pastor, Thoriso managed to answer his calling. “Before I went to the collage I qualified as an artisan in 2016 and in 2017 I decided to go to Bible College and while I was there my colleagues were busy buying cars. It was like they were succeeding and I asked myself if being at Full Gospel Church  Bible College was going to work for me but here I am today serving the Lord’.

Thoriso is a writer of Supposed He Comes Tonight and the book is about the preparation for the coming of the Lord. He wrote this book because he wanted to inform people about the information he had acquired during the time he served as a youth chairperson and as a choir master. “I was reading a lot of books, I was in a place where I felt I had a lot of information inside of me, that I wanted to share and I did not have the platform to share that kind of information. Yes I was sharing on social media but it was not enough and the perfect platform to share that information was in a form of a book”. Thoriso is currently busy writing two more books, which we should expect by the end of this year.

This young writer like many others believes education is vital, for him education develops the mind and enables one to learn the way the world function, get informed and thus one will be able to participate and be important to different organisations. Thus he has encouraged young people to study hard and always strive for the best.

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