By Omphile Magarimole · Nov 11, 2020
The only challenge oj have is employees who want money without work picture

OJ and some trading is a small business in Batlharos that works with tyre and it was established in 2006. The name OJ is a name of the business owner. Though the business is around Batlharos it operates in kuruman as a whole infect John Taolo Gaetsewe.  OJ was working in a government before he start a business, he never went to any institution about working with tyre infect he doesn’t have any experience regarding it. He decided to leave his previous job to start a business the main goal was to work for himself, before he can start a business he first went to the big businesses in kuruman that works with tyre and see how it works, then he applied the same method in his business. 

The reason OJ located his business in Batlharos it is because no one was working with tyre and he considers himself as the first person to does that. OJ has employed 5 workers at the moment that works with tyre and he believes that his business does bring a difference in his community not only that most of people knows him. If they have an emergency like having a flat tyre then they always come to him.  

The challenges are not many as one will think, the only challenges he faced is because of the workers that don’t want to work, they can work for week or even 2 days then they left it. Our young people are too focused on drugs. He said he always tell his workers that he gives them a skill so that one day they can work at the mine or somewhere in big businesses in town. For people to know about his business he always give them business cards and one thing he realized about the business to market itself is that you have to be near by a road so people can see and it becomes easier even without social platforms.  

Corona virus is the invisible disease that turned our lives up and down even delayed the process. When I asked how it affected his business he said “it affected the business and it was moving very slowly, people are scared, they not like before but I understand because they don’t know about the disease”. OJ said it his first to be interviewed by the media and going forward with his business he would like to see Batlharos well developed, well equipped, helping the community as well as children     

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