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By Omphile Magarimole · Jun 8, 2020
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Boikanyo Bee Obuseng (25) founder of Real Trends Media Enterprise LTD And a young man that had successfully run in 2019 by launching his own clothing brand “Real”. He got love and support from his huge followers on social network and friends, to those that don’t know him he is well known as “bee” and he sold many Real T-shirt’s last year and he still does also coming up with new style that we can rock on these summer . Ever since he started launching clothing line the support has been huge, it came by surprise as they didn’t expect to blow off like that. “I couldn’t believe it and is such amazing feeling when you think of something making it a reality then people fall hard for it. People actually in love with our clothing line mostly young people and that was the aim, I am happy and thank God for the blessings”. 
His uniqueness and love for art is what makes him different from anyone. About the importance of Education he believes that without it there is no future “I know some might say you can be educated and still  
be jobless well at least then you know you tried and nobody can take that away from you”. He is currently focused on his own company he also into photography music which is lacking but he believes that they will get there soon. Well he doesn’t have any interest outside work because at the moment he is trying to raise money to build his company and buy new machines on everything he actually does. When I asked him about initiative or project he wish to employ. He said “I actually I want to start a fundraising so can we try to buy shoes for disadvantage kids before winter”. He also believes that a better income through education and qualifications better community “people will be able to qualify for jobs cause now they will have proper document certificates and all the ability to be able to Express themselves in English since it’s the preferred language and makes it easy to interact with people from different places”.   
Before launching “Real” Boikanyo started as photographer and he simply learned it on YouTube to be great at it as he is today.  We all start from somewhere in life and it is easy for today’s generation because of networks we having and it is easy for our work to get recognized and to learn from them on how to do something. 
About” Real” my family is proud they are all wearing Real T shirts they even help me at time and my cousin Papi is always willing to help”. And his plan now about going forward is to own retail store at town which he is currently working on it and he hope and believe that the support will be still be the same and even bigger this time as there is more to expect from him 


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