On the road of achieving dreams!

On the road of achieving dreams! picture

Omphile Magarimole

15 February 2020

Omaatla Pearl Leboa 21 years of age, and she fourteen title holder, current Miss Kurara FM and the owner and founder of Mr. and Miss Confident Beauty Pageant. 

Not many people know that Omaatla’s love for modelling began in 2009, when they had to do a pageant at church to raise funds. “Ever since that day I was in love with challenging and uplifting myself”. She also describe herself as young ambitious girl whom sets to be the change she wants to see in life. She’s not only a 14 title holder she is also an accounting student and passionate about acting. “Acting is my hurt se punt, love it and I believe I am good at it” her dream is also to appear on Several TV Series before she can make it to silver screen (Cinema).  Though she’s holding 14 tittles it was not easy road as she had more ups and downs. “People looking down on me but that did not make me give up on building myself as a brand”.

It was on 2018 when she was crown as Miss Kurara FM, on quality that a Miss Kurara FM should possess, she believes that she must be strong, confident, smart, a lady that will help other women to conquer and challenge fear as well as becoming the best version of themselves. And what she has learned so far by being Miss Kurara FM is to work with people and respect them.

Even when people are busy thinking that modelling industry has more negative impact on young women, she definitely believes that it has more positive impact because “we enter pageant with a purpose of challenging ourselves to become better versions and to help one to be strong enough mentally or psychologically to come with any form of rejection”. Because of the love of beauty pageant and being Confidence Ambassador, she ended up forming Mr. and Miss Confidence beauty pageant and the purpose was the desire to uplift her community. “With Mr. and Miss Confidence I want to rebuild lost confidence in the life of our youth and awaken dreams that has died in their hearts”. The requirements to enter Mr. and Miss Confident, one must be any age from 13-23,if you were preparing yourself to enter and turns out that you are already a mother then your dreams to enter it has just died there because you shouldn’t be a mother and lastly, no criminal record. To know more about it you must follow Mr. And Miss Confidence page on Instagram also post your picture and explain why you should be the first ever person to win it and tag the page and Omaatla Leboa. After winning you will present kuruman at other prestigious pageant, there will be gifts and a night hotel. We all looking forward for it. 




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