Most people are clouded by jealousy, hatred and anger, this deprive social growth and sustainability

By Omphile Magarimole · Aug 17, 2020
Most people are clouded by jealousy, hatred and anger, this deprive social growth and sustainability picture

 Lebogang Makoke is a God fearing man, following in the footsteps of Christ in everything that he does. He is a humble, caring person and it is his nature to help others.  One thing that people don’t know about him is that he has a heart of a lion and hates betrayal as he always stand by his word. Mr. Makoke is a son of a former Mayer and a community builder.  
Lebogang matriculated in 2005 and went to further his studies at FET College, he believes that education is the most important aspect of life as it shapes our perspectives about life. “Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better, it develops in us the way we look at life and helps us build opinions and have a point of views on things in life “he said. Growing up Lebogang always wanted to bring hope and change the way people think to do away with inequality and poverty. 
Lebogang was born a leader, being born and bred around leaders has inspired him to be a community counselor he is today “it is always in me to see change around me, provide vision as well as hope to the hopeless”, he noted. He was voted with higher rank and the experience to him was an exciting one. When  asked  about the experience Lebogang explained that it was a very challenging and from that moment  he knew that it was not him who won but the people and the party he is representing but above it all else he believed it was destined to be. “I was grateful to know that people have confidence in me.Working as a community councilor is a challenge and I have met people with different perspective  and some of these people find it hard to appreciate the work I do irrespective of how much I try” explained Lebogang. 
Makoke has brought to the community among others economical changes in many lives through employment and school ships, bursaries in a form  of skill development as well as building  shelters for the homeless . Despite of all the work he has done these young man is not yet satisfied, “I am not yet satisfied because I have not reached my dream of uniting the community to build local economy and help the needy, and I am currently busy creating a chain of touching lives. I believe that if an individual wants to see change,  one can start  by helping three people and do so encouraging  them to help the other three, that is what I call united society “,stated Makoke. We do learn that indeed one will never be satisfied no matter how much work one have put, and satisfaction is the end of growth.  
Working as a community councilor Lebogang stated that his best experience so far has to be a mental experience, spiritually and physically to understand that he is limit. According to Makoke Kuruman is stagnant that “most of people are clouded by jealousy, hatred and anger, in a nutshell it wouldn’t be easy for us to progress and have social growth and sustainability”. He fully supports women empowerment and because he believes that everything starts in the mind ,says women need to empower their mind and the rest will follow . “ financial empowerment without the  right state of mind is dangerous”, noted Makoke.

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