Naomi Makgalemele Miss Kuruman 2019/2020

Naomi Makgalemele Miss Kuruman 2019/2020 picture

Omphile Magarimole

18 February 2020

Naomi Makgalemele from being a finalist in Miss Carnival to winning Miss Kuruman.

She might have entered and walk away as the winner but that wasn’t the first time she wanted to enter. In 2018 Naomi considered to enter Miss Kuruman but due to the pressure of waiting for her matric results she decided to put it on hold and not enter the competition but rather wait and evaluate her options. She also entered Mr. and Miss Carnival and end up making it to top 3 she also said that the experience was amazing since it her first pageant. 

When I asked her about what influenced her to enter the competition she said “I entered for this competition to have a sense of Achievement and fulfilment, hoping to gain life long experience that I can use to help, enrich and empower those around primary reason for joining this pageant however is the passion for working with people and serving community”. What made her different from the other girls that were competing with for the tittle? She said “it was not the physical appearance that made me different. It was my confidence, aura, essence and the vibe. The fact that in a world so superficial I still chose to be myself. My positive mind-set, the way I did what I did and my personality made me different”.

Naomi’s aim is to use this beauty pageant to create and bring great impact within the community empowerment projects that she will establish, also to inspire young men and women to believe in themselves and their ability to be the change. And what you can expect from her as Miss Kuruman is simple just amazing personality and a great role model that will empower and uplift the nation she serves. When people are busy thinking that pageants degrades women she believes that it has a positive impact on a women, as it encourages, outgoing personality, positive self-image and it helps them to find  their strengths and weaknesses. 

When you enter pageants you must surely be a “Beauty with Purpose” and I asked her about what does she understand by that she said “it’s about being more than just a pretty face. Just because you are beautiful it doesn’t mean you cannot help others. Beauty with a purpose is using gifts of being a beauty pageant queen to inspire other girls that beauty is not about what’s the outside but more about what’s on the inside, because a pretty face is nothing if the heart is not pretty”. 

Since she always look good and stylish when I asked her about her fashion inspiration she said “I don’t really have a specific fashion inspiration, I wear what am comfortable in and what is going to look good on me “. And she believes what makes women sexy is being sexually attractive. Lot of guys might be in love with her but what it will take for a man to impress this beautiful young woman is a respect she believes that a man should respect himself make a good choices, have a goal and respect her and decision she takes. 

What inspires her is her ambition which can be defined as being eager to aspire or accomplish something. She conclude with “women with big desires and goal also inspire me. It is attractive trait for anybody to have and keeps me going when I don’t like continuing”.

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