Omphile Magarimole

30 March 2020

Cynthia Setlhare, Known by ABY KAY.  A rapper and singer, this young hip hop Star stay at kathu. Her home town is Kuruman. One thing that people don’t know about her is she started in Grade 8 when she used to download beats and write lyrics, but back then she did not really take it seriously.  She said “my best friend Dizzy D always used to encourage me to take music seriously. Last year December I told him that I think 2020 will go well for me and I will take music seriously”. He said if I will be able to do that he will help and promote me. It’s been 3 months now doing music. 
What makes me different from the other Ladys’ is I speak out. Most women don’t want to stand out and be themselves.  I stood up and did what most people think it can’t be done. I am individual, I usually tell people that, I am unique, and I will do what I think is best for me. 
Education is important whether you make money or, not I prefer to be educated. What inspires me is seeing women driving her own car, living her own life and not depending on a man.   
I love writing lyrics and poems. I liked seeing myself growing. And with the support of my parents it’s all I need. My parents’ support makes me happy she said. She further commented that “I wasn’t even nervous facing audience for the first time; I just went on stage and did what I did”. And also said “The confidence in me actually started on 15th of February when I performed for the first time, I was surprised I’m usually a shy person and before I do something in front of people I panic, but on that day I was not.”  
The reason ABY KAY started with hip hop is Inspirations she found from Nadia Nakai. She said,  Seeing her growing doing what she loves it was like why not!! She inspired my new single “Tried fooling Me” (literally I write lyrics according to my feelings like how I feel.  People ask what the song is about and who am I talking about.  This song is for no one, it comes from my heart. 
Kuruman 1st is actually giving people opportunities if you want to be a singer, and rapper. It is one of the events that will help you go out there and stand out. On my first EP I would like to work with Fatso Mola because her music is great. The changes I am willing to bring as a female rapper is making good music. I love Cardie B I love her personality she is just being herself  
MY future plan is to have my own studio and have a girl group and continuing making good music ABY said.  What people can expect from her is a good music.  For the fans can now get “Try Fooling Me” on Audio Mack and new songs will be released. I released tried fooling on the 15th February because I felt like it is great releasing song on the day you going to perform it.    

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