I approached places like Seda and department of sports arts and culture

By Press Team · Jul 17, 2021
I approached places like Seda and department of sports arts and culture picture

Mandla Wenkosi, he is one of the most talented individual. He is a manager who run arts gallery. Mandla leaves in Kuruman region. Kuruman is a town with just over 13,000 inhabitants in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. He was born in Ganhigh village dominated by Xhosa people, where he did primary school to secondary. He is currently working as entrepreneur. He is a full time artist. Mandla’s father passed away when he was a young. His mother is still alive and his grandmother as well. He is said “ My family are good people, they are supportive, good influencing, more especially my uncle.

He further outlined the following,” I' am the guy who is capable to produce lot of work, selling to people and what drives me to keep on going is my uncle, who always inspires me and my passion in art. Mandla has previously worked in a project that made him proud. “I had a project at Wrenchville Primary which helped me to realize that; what I do it is really important for subjects like life skills that's where we deal with arts and emotions.

Wenkosi sell his art to guest houses, reason for this is “because they always need art works, they always have visitors from outside provinces and countries. I believe to inspire them” He said. He also said “Having self confidence, I approached places like Seda and Department of Sports Arts and Culture that's where I gained my momentum to build my own business”. Mandla Wenkosi copywright his work by always make sure that he sign any products, so that people may not claim it as theirs.

 “I am very creative in terms of ideas towards my paintings” finally he said. “I produce unique products. People should know me as a visual artist who will always be there for them”.

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